💥Ronaldo + Messi VS Mbappe + Haaland💥 (Frontmen Season 2 Finale 2.11)

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Frontmen Playlist: hrfire.info/desk/PLFVCbA-bmHb_KmVzqtfSZ9cuUDJce4tGR
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  1. Ahmet Yavas
    Ahmet Yavas
    Prije 10 sati


  2. Ahmet Yavas
    Ahmet Yavas
    Prije 10 sati

    RIP Eric Cantona

  3. belal and youssef omg gaming
    belal and youssef omg gaming
    Prije dan

    The child is baby yoda

    Prije dan

    I already miss turbo timo😭😭

  5. Yassen Hosam
    Yassen Hosam
    Prije dan

    You will not download a new frontmen videos it was amazing

  6. Nicolae-Flavian SCURTU
    Nicolae-Flavian SCURTU
    Prije 2 dana

    When the frontmen is return

  7. nesquik
    Prije 3 dana

    I know season 3 in the new season with starts Lewandowski sterling suarez neymar rashford müller ronaldo messi kane chuppo moting dybala

  8. Vojtěch Polišenský
    Vojtěch Polišenský
    Prije 3 dana

    Where the hell Is season3

  9. taywan edivaldo
    taywan edivaldo
    Prije 5 dana

    Queria entender comentários kk

  10. Luuk Samsen
    Luuk Samsen
    Prije 5 dana

    When is the new frontmen coming???

  11. Ongsa Sports
    Ongsa Sports
    Prije 5 dana

    This is a first time that Messi and ronaldo are team work

  12. Sohaib Latif
    Sohaib Latif
    Prije 6 dana

    just start the frontmen 3

  13. Wazi Gamer
    Wazi Gamer
    Prije 6 dana

    It will be boring without mbappe haaland and griezmann they just grew on me

  14. one nairobi
    one nairobi
    Prije 6 dana

    please we want grealish

  15. Jonathan kabeya
    Jonathan kabeya
    Prije 7 dana

    What the hell h m

  16. Mariam Aden
    Mariam Aden
    Prije 8 dana

    What ever happend to dybala

  17. Amadou Sow
    Amadou Sow
    Prije 8 dana

    I love how messi and ronny act like friends lol

  18. Gaming1 Team
    Gaming1 Team
    Prije 9 dana

    Erling:ClickBate Ronaldo:NOT CLICKBATE

  19. Ciaran cul
    Ciaran cul
    Prije 9 dana


  20. Patryk Boryka
    Patryk Boryka
    Prije 9 dana

    The Ende killed me🤣

  21. Subhanwit Sar
    Subhanwit Sar
    Prije 9 dana


  22. Akula The boy
    Akula The boy
    Prije 9 dana

    The way Ronaldo says what

  23. JUST some RANDOM guy !!
    JUST some RANDOM guy !!
    Prije 11 dana

    Why do I feel like the ending credits were written by muller😂😂

  24. Kameron Simpson
    Kameron Simpson
    Prije 11 dana

    7:35 & 7:42 No longer the future G.O.A.T ‘Haha’ I can’t stop laughing bout it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Eron Boqolli
    Eron Boqolli
    Prije 11 dana

    Hey erling and kylian if you want to be a goats you need to win champions league and ballon d'or

  26. Shijin Shaji
    Shijin Shaji
    Prije 11 dana


  27. Muhammad Adam Jefreesyafrizal
    Muhammad Adam Jefreesyafrizal
    Prije 11 dana

    Make faiz subri freekick

  28. olufela ibukun
    olufela ibukun
    Prije 13 dana

    The two best players working together in harmony

    Prije 13 dana

    I think the part with John Wick was ingenious

  30. Asha Varghese
    Asha Varghese
    Prije 13 dana


  31. ツSami Gaming YT
    ツSami Gaming YT
    Prije 15 dana

    Cop: Arrest those men Ronaldo: WHAT?! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!! 7:00

  32. Lucky Boy
    Lucky Boy
    Prije 15 dana

    We: messi is best or ronaldo is best New born: haaland and mbappe are best We messi fans and ronaldo fans: ASSRMBLE!!!

  33. Ender
    Prije 15 dana


  34. Muhammad Mamu
    Muhammad Mamu
    Prije 16 dana

    “Rest in peace lady Diana” Snacks him “We’re talking about Meghan and Harry”😂😂

  35. Muhammad Mamu
    Muhammad Mamu
    Prije 16 dana

    If only he was as bulletproof as he was in the movies😂😂

  36. Muhammad Mamu
    Muhammad Mamu
    Prije 16 dana

    Cristiano is so disrespectful “A transgendered version of the Goldilocks”😂😂

  37. Nushair Tahsin ahmad
    Nushair Tahsin ahmad
    Prije 16 dana

    Ronaldo and messi rocks

  38. Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    Prije 16 dana

    Messi and Ronaldo fans will be unified in nostalgia

  39. Emil Krasnobaev
    Emil Krasnobaev
    Prije 17 dana


  40. Daniel Mareco
    Daniel Mareco
    Prije 18 dana


  41. Abel-J_29
    Prije 18 dana

    I realized this was a parody of the Sidemen

  42. Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma
    Prije 18 dana

    Rip DIEGO as well ✝️

  43. Aarav Etha
    Aarav Etha
    Prije 18 dana

    Fan of cr7 and messi

  44. Aarav Etha
    Aarav Etha
    Prije 18 dana

    Me the best

  45. Marilyn Hernandez
    Marilyn Hernandez
    Prije 19 dana

    FC Barcelona vs River

  46. Marilyn Hernandez
    Marilyn Hernandez
    Prije 19 dana

    FC Barcelona vs River

  47. no
    Prije 19 dana

    MBAPPE team ronaldo 😎 MBAPPE team messi🤬

  48. Jordan Stevenson
    Jordan Stevenson
    Prije 20 dana


  49. Rajiv George
    Rajiv George
    Prije 20 dana

    You know no one can ever reach level 2 of football, then how can they reach level 100 where Messi and Ronaldo are!

  50. Timothy Hall
    Timothy Hall
    Prije 21 dan

    The obnoxious religion curiosly hang because draw morphologically charge times a wretched offer. spotted, ill-fated product

  51. PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
    Prije 22 dana


    1. PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
      PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
      Prije 11 dana

      O que o Messi falou

  52. VKWS15 KGS
    VKWS15 KGS
    Prije 23 dana

    Did anyone see Werner's frontmen sign 2:05

  53. Hp- Playz
    Hp- Playz
    Prije 23 dana

    “Even the title of the video gave me free motivation” The title: Are You Sure About That?

  54. Ayaan Afsar
    Ayaan Afsar
    Prije 23 dana

    I want frontmen ( Leo and Cristiano) back PLSSSSSSS

  55. Jasser Al khalidi
    Jasser Al khalidi
    Prije 23 dana

    come on where the frontmen

  56. Jeanne Chow Collins
    Jeanne Chow Collins
    Prije 23 dana

    Good Vid

    Prije 23 dana


  58. Jai M
    Jai M
    Prije 23 dana

    Wick was the best part😂

  59. WilliamC34
    Prije 24 dana

    C’mon, no Frontmen vids for 4 weeks, I can’t bare a single second of it!

  60. Mystic_Flamez
    Prije 25 dana

    LOL 😂 WHEN HAALAND JUst lifted his hand and the ball went up it made me laugh so hard

  61. Durge
    Prije 25 dana

    Can you once put modrić in frontmen

  62. pubg
    Prije 25 dana

    Old is gold.😂😂😂

  63. I like football Do you
    I like football Do you
    Prije 25 dana

    Haaland be like: Mbappe getting killed gives me free motivation

  64. Jeanne Chow Collins
    Jeanne Chow Collins
    Prije 26 dana

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. jay Fatepara
    jay Fatepara
    Prije 26 dana

    When come frontman 3.0 we desperately waiting

  66. Paul Farnsworth
    Paul Farnsworth
    Prije 26 dana


  67. Sonny got es Nike's ON yolo
    Sonny got es Nike's ON yolo
    Prije 26 dana


  68. mmm m
    mmm m
    Prije 26 dana

    "this is the way"

  69. perspectiVe-1998
    Prije 27 dana

    They killed werner ahahahahaaaa

  70. Aj-styles-27-1
    Prije 27 dana


  71. Akhnukh Noor Ashrafee
    Akhnukh Noor Ashrafee
    Prije 27 dana

    "It's like a transgender version of Goldilocks" LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  72. footballfanmsn
    Prije 27 dana

    We're all waiting for season 3

  73. Leah Brown
    Leah Brown
    Prije 28 dana

    I love messi and Ronaldo it doesn't matter how good anyone else is them two will always be the goats 🐐❤️⚽

  74. Manuel ie
    Manuel ie
    Prije 28 dana

    Keanu don’t die like that but for the show i won’t say nothing 🤣🤣

  75. Ronaldo Edits
    Ronaldo Edits
    Prije 28 dana

    Messi and Ron are faster then the police on Moyer cycles? 🤔 🧐

  76. Cristiano Arrogantaldo
    Cristiano Arrogantaldo
    Prije 28 dana

    4:28 Mbappe is a Muslim. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    1. Cristiano Arrogantaldo
      Cristiano Arrogantaldo
      Prije 25 dana


    2. Ange Tomić
      Ange Tomić
      Prije 26 dana


  77. George H
    George H
    Prije 29 dana

    Who else would love a Frontmen Version of Im A celeb for season 3? Like if you agree!!!

  78. Cyril 11
    Cyril 11
    Prije 29 dana

    Waiting for season 3

  79. Adin Karamuratovic
    Adin Karamuratovic
    Prije 29 dana

    Cristiano and messi new tom and jerry

  80. The Hacker
    The Hacker
    Prije 29 dana

    Haaland: if Mbappe goes to bathroom it will give me free motivation.

  81. Temilolu Odunaike
    Temilolu Odunaike
    Prije mjesec

    Oh gosh

  82. Victor T
    Victor T
    Prije mjesec

    What's the name of the sad music at rhe end?

  83. Mr G
    Mr G
    Prije mjesec

    Lmao..the terminator and John wick..🤣🤣🤣

  84. Tracey Waddington
    Tracey Waddington
    Prije mjesec

    When is Frontmen Season 3 going to start?

  85. Zuhara Azeez
    Zuhara Azeez
    Prije mjesec

    when mbappe and haaland started to play really well no Messi and Ronaldo fans starts to compare them like come on give the young talents a break

  86. Syphixal troll
    Syphixal troll
    Prije mjesec

    When is a frontmen video

  87. Farzana Arif
    Farzana Arif
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo and messi the greatest of all time

  88. Beat it
    Beat it
    Prije mjesec

    The mandalorian voice is so accurate

  89. Raghav Singh Chouhan
    Raghav Singh Chouhan
    Prije mjesec

    1:10 Darkest of dark arts

  90. KOZAN Gamer
    KOZAN Gamer
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo & messi together = tom & jerry together 😂

  91. Tanzila Qodirova
    Tanzila Qodirova
    Prije mjesec

    Вы все дураги

  92. useless
    Prije mjesec

    How is Mbappe wearing the Team Messi and not Team Ronaldo Hoodie?

  93. Asaf Mor
    Asaf Mor
    Prije mjesec

    Please 🙏 if you see that coment answer to me. that my question: when frontment return???

  94. D C Jagga
    D C Jagga
    Prije mjesec

    Imagine getting a heart from 442oons

  95. LeopoldTestar
    Prije mjesec

    What did i just see

  96. darin
    Prije mjesec

    6:24 i think i the only one that saw the ball floating beside messi

  97. aboulfazl zarei
    aboulfazl zarei
    Prije mjesec


    Prije mjesec

    Ramos would be the right guy

  99. Shantanu ha
    Shantanu ha
    Prije mjesec

    2:07 😂😂😂

  100. Morris Mwangi
    Morris Mwangi
    Prije mjesec

    This is the way