Ronaldo & Messi Q&A

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This was a members' video in December, but as everyone got a refund, I can share it now!
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  1. 442oons
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    This was a members' video in December, but as everyone got a refund, I can share it now!

    1. Alexandros Tzanos
      Alexandros Tzanos
      Prije mjesec

      Why did he stop the members part? 🤔

    2. Mà Cuộc Sống
      Mà Cuộc Sống
      Prije mjesec

      Can you make the others vids appear too ?

    3. Breaking Your Brain
      Breaking Your Brain
      Prije mjesec

      please stop with the f*cking only members videos. let us just see all of them

    4. Joash Kanyanta
      Joash Kanyanta
      Prije mjesec

      Love it dean

    5. Jaydogz 06
      Jaydogz 06
      Prije mjesec

      Love u

  2. Даня
    Prije 5 dana

    Messi love love love love

  3. Daniel Aviation800
    Daniel Aviation800
    Prije 7 dana

    how do you even ask questions in the q&a?

  4. Lazery Niamh
    Lazery Niamh
    Prije 8 dana

    You realise Real Madrid got further than both of them 😂

  5. King Rebastian
    King Rebastian
    Prije 11 dana

    Wait the Ashland vaccine made Messi look young it might mean he is young and he has his skills back and can beat the goal record

  6. William Pike
    William Pike
    Prije 12 dana

    2:46 , 2:32

  7. Natalie O'Donnell
    Natalie O'Donnell
    Prije 13 dana

    The azlan vaccine cracked me up so hard

  8. Kabba M. Sesay
    Kabba M. Sesay
    Prije 16 dana

    Messi is better than Ronaldo .

  9. MuzBar GAMING
    MuzBar GAMING
    Prije 16 dana

    Oh shite,what happened with zinedine?

  10. Adrián Chávez
    Adrián Chávez
    Prije 18 dana

    What was Hulk making to Ronald Koeman?

    Prije 18 dana

    Zizou baby girl

    Prije 19 dana

    Imagine ronaldo and messi talking to each other like this 😅

  13. Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi
    Prije 19 dana

    Messi is in first place for ball dor

  14. RVD Gaming
    RVD Gaming
    Prije 20 dana

    my fav 442oons line: we would have more work rate if we signed diego maradona

  15. Goran Lazić
    Goran Lazić
    Prije 22 dana


  16. Football Ollie
    Football Ollie
    Prije 22 dana


  17. FaZe GINGY
    FaZe GINGY
    Prije 23 dana

    Swazy swazy swaz swaz 😂😂😂

  18. Greggson Scheepers
    Greggson Scheepers
    Prije 24 dana

    Hi why is naymarjr voice so hi

  19. Rishabh Gupta
    Rishabh Gupta
    Prije 25 dana

    El classico 2022 Real Madrid 5- 5 Barcelona

  20. Tekkz Football
    Tekkz Football
    Prije 26 dana

    3:21 Only OG's get it

  21. SDPS
    Prije 26 dana

    What are we looking at!!!??? 1:01

  22. McMchanon
    Prije 26 dana

    4:20 442oons actually predicted the future AGAIN, because Ronaldo is going back to Madrid this summer! SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. TheHardGamer
    Prije 27 dana

    Question to Messi: Messi can you make ronaldo prank call Zlatan, tell him his the worst player ever.

  24. Bagus Uthama
    Bagus Uthama
    Prije 27 dana

    3:21 old Messi's head is back

  25. Aditya Srivastava
    Aditya Srivastava
    Prije 27 dana

    Messi old face

  26. Monster Edbury
    Monster Edbury
    Prije 29 dana

    That face Lewandoski had when Ronaldo punched Muller was hilarious

  27. switchx_ 92kk
    switchx_ 92kk
    Prije mjesec

    Messi va Ronaldo win Ronaldo

  28. marck tabu
    marck tabu
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo is better than messi

  29. abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali
    Prije mjesec

    Hey Messi

  30. abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali
    Prije mjesec

    Hey Cristiano Ronaldo

  31. Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis
    Prije mjesec

    3:33 Well the champions leauge is out of the picture

  32. Pablo Henrique
    Pablo Henrique
    Prije mjesec

    braithwaith and morata say what?

  33. yassine fenich
    yassine fenich
    Prije mjesec

    Ronalso are you gonna leave juventus

  34. Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar
    Prije mjesec

    Anybody here after the GOATS created new records after the very next game they were criticized 😎

  35. Jayanta Saha
    Jayanta Saha
    Prije mjesec

    Which of these players used to play for Barcelona? Ronald Koeman Johann Cruyff Frank Rijkaard Rivaldo

  36. XXL_YoussefCool
    Prije mjesec

    Mawe predicted the future XD

  37. Subash George
    Subash George
    Prije mjesec


  38. Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez
    Prije mjesec

    4:38 what happened to Zidane

  39. Товарищ Ваrtek
    Товарищ Ваrtek
    Prije mjesec

    4:19 well, it might actually happen

  40. DiamondBlast Studios
    DiamondBlast Studios
    Prije mjesec

    hey u tollie maan u!

  41. Wetei Hd
    Wetei Hd
    Prije mjesec

    I hope ronald had a great time with senior hob

  42. Namyo Limbu
    Namyo Limbu
    Prije mjesec

    1:39 Batman and suuuuperman

    Prije mjesec

    The question for Messi to choose who he'd rather hv back either Neymar and Suarez could've been answered better

    Prije mjesec

    5:11 So nostalgic

    Prije mjesec

    tbh………. This q and a between them is a nice throwback. But its not as good as the old ones.

  46. Messi The goat
    Messi The goat
    Prije mjesec

    Aim a genius

  47. royal king 55
    royal king 55
    Prije mjesec

    what if cr7 join barca to beat madrid next year and win treble 😉😉

  48. Xander Grogan
    Xander Grogan
    Prije mjesec

    Where can you access the member only wacky races videos?

  49. Toyland Shows
    Toyland Shows
    Prije mjesec

    To FRONTMEN, why don’t you have any goalkeepers nor defenders, everyone is attackers?

  50. Junior Mphashi
    Junior Mphashi
    Prije mjesec

    Next q&a Eden hazard and c.ronaldo

  51. Tamay Tansu
    Tamay Tansu
    Prije mjesec


  52. Best of Gamer
    Best of Gamer
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo: I am the best Player of ol Times Messi:😡

  53. James Owen
    James Owen
    Prije mjesec

    Notice how this isnt members like it says at the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Roel Renju
    Roel Renju
    Prije mjesec

    And this is how u know 442 oons is a messi fan

  55. The Blitz
    The Blitz
    Prije mjesec

    3:34 DiogO, BrunO, CristianO, AlvarO, and PaulO. Coincidence? I think not.

  56. Leonard Sattler
    Leonard Sattler
    Prije mjesec


  57. computer programming
    computer programming
    Prije mjesec

    Do a Q/A for Ronaldo and zlatan

  58. Awa
    Prije mjesec

    Only ogs remember “i look good...TOPLESSSSSSSS!”

  59. Wredniu
    Prije mjesec

    3:21 only old fans remember lionel messigician

  60. Filo Chino
    Filo Chino
    Prije mjesec

    Messi you stey barcelona? Ronaldo:call ronal koman and join barcelona😂😂

  61. Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt
    Prije mjesec

    Did Dean stop the members part of the channel???

    1. Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman
      Prije mjesec

      yes he will post every members video now

  62. RthHD
    Prije mjesec

    This give me flashbacks

  63. David among us
    David among us
    Prije mjesec

    First time when i didnt heard ronaldo say litlle shit

  64. Cristiano Naidoo
    Cristiano Naidoo
    Prije mjesec

    Messi vs ronaldo in penalty

  65. Ali Zaza
    Ali Zaza
    Prije mjesec

    #Respect_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #No_To_Racism_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #Support_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #We_are_all_with_Barça_and_Messi 🔵🔴 Please guys , make these hashtags the #1 TRENDING in all the Social media Apps , Like ( HRfire ,Tik tok , Instagram , etc. ) 1-Firstly , Make my comment have 900M Likes or more. 2-Reply in my comment's chat that you are apologized about making fun of Barça and Messi and you won't do this again. 3-Share the comment in all the Social Media Apps. 4-Finally , After finishing the apologize , make these 4 hashtags the #1 TRENDING all over the world and in all the Social Media Apps. Please do it guys ❤👍🙏 God willing , Barça will return to its level stronger and stronger 💪🔵🔴 #Respect_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #No_To_Racism_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #Support_Barça_and_Messi_Campaign 🔵🔴 #We_are_all_with_Barça_and_Messi 🔵🔴

  66. Ashish Kalgikar
    Ashish Kalgikar
    Prije mjesec

    1:00 was a madness

  67. Ensar Dari
    Ensar Dari
    Prije mjesec

    Messi, Prank Call Zidane and say you want to sign for Real Madrid

  68. Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim
    Prije mjesec


  69. Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim
    Prije mjesec


  70. DC Yankee
    DC Yankee
    Prije mjesec

    1:02 nothing to see here people

  71. King Life
    King Life
    Prije mjesec

    Messi. Ur you ronaldo

  72. Moneychester United
    Moneychester United
    Prije mjesec

    My Question to messi: Why don't you have biceps like ronaldo?

    1. Zombieking 2
      Zombieking 2
      Prije mjesec


  73. Natsu Rey del fuego
    Natsu Rey del fuego
    Prije mjesec

    When you make another?

  74. freddie Mercury jr
    freddie Mercury jr
    Prije mjesec

    OMG Messi with the old face❤❤❤

  75. Mohamed Baiee
    Mohamed Baiee
    Prije mjesec

    Do a salah and mbappe Q&A

  76. Captain FN
    Captain FN
    Prije mjesec

    3:18 Old messi brings back so many memories

  77. Tich Marumahoko
    Tich Marumahoko
    Prije mjesec

    wht the hell happend to muller ...he was such a good character back then

  78. Neo Raboroko
    Neo Raboroko
    Prije mjesec

    Why doesn't Messi has his own q&a

  79. Nathan
    Prije mjesec

    Muller makes a bad joke Ronaldo:punches him *Everyone liked that*

  80. Lozan Zana
    Lozan Zana
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo is funny 🤣🤣🤣

  81. Craistian z
    Craistian z
    Prije mjesec

    In your dreams messi go to city with laporta in the president

  82. Chris Blessing Kanangire
    Chris Blessing Kanangire
    Prije mjesec

    Ronaldo, Real Madrid or Manchester United 🤔

  83. Charlie Curran
    Charlie Curran
    Prije mjesec

    question for messi: did you only come to the q and a because of the 300 millionclause in your contract

  84. Filipe R Freddy
    Filipe R Freddy
    Prije mjesec

    Make a Q&A with MSN

  85. Shadow Slayer
    Shadow Slayer
    Prije mjesec

    What have we done!!!🤣🤣

  86. Peter Curran
    Peter Curran
    Prije mjesec

    0:32 0:42 2:24 Ronaldos punching

  87. Nefzi Abdelnarim
    Nefzi Abdelnarim
    Prije mjesec

    ronaldo king

  88. Sid Tom
    Sid Tom
    Prije mjesec

    Someone better slap an age restricted tag on this!

  89. Fred McBilly
    Fred McBilly
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Do Fati & Mbappe Q&A

  90. Dave Vazquez
    Dave Vazquez
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Cristiano Ronaldo proof that you're gay

  91. Hays Bado
    Hays Bado
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Pls Lewandoski vs Haaland

    1. Marin Marin
      Marin Marin
      Prije mjesec

      He made already. Only for members.

  92. David Cummins
    David Cummins
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    I love when ronald says I used to play for Barcelona

  93. Leo CK
    Leo CK
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    3:22 442oons Football Flashbacks!

  94. Tinghwazi Ntimbani
    Tinghwazi Ntimbani
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    May you please do a Q&A with Junior and Thiago

  95. Canal Z
    Canal Z
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Lionel messigician

  96. Mitch Ambrose
    Mitch Ambrose
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    3:22 I just knew it !!! 😂

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Martin Braithwaite is just a disgrace to barca

  98. Nikolas DANOS
    Nikolas DANOS
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Footballers attempt messis long free kick

  99. Venkataraman CV
    Venkataraman CV
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Ahhh u are getting out of touch man, robbed joke was predictable the second when muller came in

  100. Murugesh Jagadeesan
    Murugesh Jagadeesan
    Prije 2 mjeseci

    can you change into manchester kits